Spiritual growth and maturity are life-long pursuits. No matter how much we learn about following Jesus or how much our lives are changed because we follow him, there are always new opportunities to become more like Jesus and to serve him better. Here are a few ways we strive to support adults at Maple Grove Covenant Church.

SUNDAY life hour


In recent years, we have covered a variety of topics, including living with disappointment, how to connect with non-Christians, what constitutes a “healthy-missional church,” and how to love like Jesus. Some of these series have been video-based while others have been led by an in-person presenter. Although it is in many ways a class-like setting, there is always opportunity for lots of discussion and personal connection.

men's ministry

SPRING 2024: 

Begins April 10

Wednesday Mornings at 6:30am or Thursday Evenings at 7:00pm

Bible study lasts 1 hour & 15 minutes, coffee & rolls will be provided!

The Men We Need by Brant Hansen: "The world needs real men, real bad. And there are all sorts of conflicting ideas and messages about what a "real man" is *and is not). Is a real man one who hunts, loves sports, grills meat, fixes cars, and climbs mountains? Sure, sometimes. But that's not really the point of being a man and it's not the purpose for which men were made. 

Into our cultural confusion, Brant Hansen paints a refreshingly specific, compelling picture of what men are made to be: "Keepers of the Garden." Protectors and defenders. He calls for men of all interests and backgrounds (including "avid indoorsmen" like himself) to be ambitious about the right things and to see themselves as defenders of the vulnerable, with whatever resources they have. 

Using short chapters loaded with must-have wisdom and Brant's signature humor, The Men We Need explains the essence of masculinity in a fresh, thoughtful, and entertaining way that will inspire any man who dares to read it."

Women's ministry

SPRING 2024: 

Begins April 8

Monday Evenings at 6:30pm

"Haggai: Building God's Church" by Dave Cornes

Join us Monday evenings in April for this four-part series, where leader and communicator Dave Cornes challenges our priorities and spiritual apathy, reminding us that God has given us a purpose: to be part of the most magnificent building project imaginable, the church. Consider this a wakeup call. Allow the Holy Spirit to stir up your devotion to God’s work again. It’s not going to be easy, but He has given us everything we need, and we have nothing to fear. He is powerful. He is present. And He will build and bless His church. 

Upcoming Events! 

Sunday, April 14: Prayer & Purpose Lunch 11:45am-2:00pm

Community groups

MGCC has several small groups that meet on various schedules around various topics. Some emphasize discussion of each week’s Sunday message, while others study specific books of the Bible or other topics. Community Groups also provide opportunities for people to find connection, care, and support.