Spiritual growth and maturity are life-long pursuits. No matter how much we learn about following Jesus or how much our lives are changed because we follow him, there are always new opportunities to become more like Jesus and to serve him better. Here are a few ways we strive to support adults at Maple Grove Covenant Church.

SUNDAY life hour


In recent years, we have covered a variety of topics, including living with disappointment, how to connect with non-Christians, what constitutes a “healthy-missional church,” and how to love like Jesus. Some of these series have been video-based while others have been led by an in-person presenter. Although it is in many ways a class-like setting, there is always opportunity for lots of discussion and personal connection.

Beginning January 21: Fulfilled & Fruitful

"Church is something I go to, not something I'm part of." Many people feel that way, but following Jesus is not something we do alone. We are "in it together" with many others. "Fulfilled & Fruitful" is designed to help you better understand how you fit in God's bigger purposes for you and the church. We'll look at different kinds of spiritual giftedness, how they complement each other, and how things like personality and character fit in. We'll conclude the series with a spiritual gifts inventory and possible opportunities to use those gifts. 

men's ministry

Bible Study: 

Wednesday Mornings at 6:30am

or Thursday Evenings at 7:00pm

Bible study lasts 1 hour & 15 minutes, coffee & rolls will be provided!

Beginning February 14th & 15th: 

The Book of Joshua with Louie Giglio: After roaming the wilderness for decades, God's people finally reached the Promised Land. But there were still obstacles that stood in their way. Securing the land God had promised them would require strength, courage, and faith.

In this eight-session series, pastor Louie Giglio shows us that our story today isn't too far removed from Joshua and the Israelites: we need the same strength, courage, and faith to face the challenges in our lives. Join Louie and learn what it means to follow God faithfully, no matter what obstacles are before you. 

Women's ministry

WINTER 2023: 

Monday Evenings at 6:30 Beginning February 5

"The Book of Malachi" by Dave Cornes

Join us as we dig deeper into God's word, using the 6-session Right Now Media Bible study "The Book of Malachi" by Dave Cornes. As a church, our focus this year is on how we can LOVE God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength & Pastor Rich has posed the question: are you "all in" for Jesus? ... this study will help us learn that mediocrity was never God's plan for us. We'll study six conversations between God and His people, as recorded by the prophet Malachi, in order to discover what it means to live an abundant life fully devoted to the God whose immeasurable love for us is based on His promise, not our performance. 

Upcoming Events! 

Sunday, February 18: Prayer & Purpose Lunch 11:45am-2:00pm

Community groups

MGCC has several small groups that meet on various schedules around various topics. Some emphasize discussion of each week’s Sunday message, while others study specific books of the Bible or other topics. Community Groups also provide opportunities for people to find connection, care, and support.