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This is a personal family-lead experience where kids will work on their Awana handbooks at home and parents will be responsible for tracking their student’s progress and awards. To help you out as much as possible the supplies and resources will be provided. When the student’s complete their current book, let MGCC Children’s Ministry Director, Quinn, know and we will make sure you get the all the awards needed.

If you need any books or supplies, please reach out to

Quinn (

Lesson Videos, Parent Guides, and Music

For Books, Awards, or Awana Store Items contact

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AWANA is a fantastic opportunity for our church and parents to work together to develop children and youth into strong leaders who faithfully follow Jesus. Leaders and kids will dig into God's Word with scripture memorization, learning Bible stories, and having a blast singing fun songs and playing games .

Cubbies – Preschool

Sparks – Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Truth & Training – 3rd and 4th Grade


This new program challenges students to wrestle with the three most important questions they’re asking in middle school (5-6 grade): Who am I? Why am I here? Who’s with me?

By allowing students to dive deep into the Scriptures and answer these questions for themselves we allow them to own their faith and discover what they actually believe.