When you look in the Bible, story after story reveals men and women who asked God questions.  They didn't simply take their marching orders and go along their way.  To them, God was not an Army General whose orders were to be carried out without discussion or debate.




To them God was their love, their life, their joy - and as such they wanted to know the "why", the "what", and the "how".  They asked because their friendship with God mattered. We want to capture that intention here at Maple Grove Covenant.  In doing so, we desire to experience curiosity, growth, and discovery.


As human beings, its our nature to ask, to question, and to doubt.  God knows this - that's why there's around 3,300 questions in the Bible.  Join us in October as engage in FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions.  Bring friends, family, or co-workers.