Seeing jesus

The Bible makes an extraordinary claim: "we see Jesus" (Hebrews 2:9). It doesn't say, "we can see Jesus", "we have seen Jesus" or "we will see Jesus". 

It's a matter of fact. We see Jesus. 

We see Him through the rich and brilliant portrait throughout the Gospels. The breadth and depth of Him shatters our mental framework. And once you have seen Him, you can never be the same. 

Join us for this special Advent series where we see Jesus as:

A GUIDE who leads us through the roads, crossroads, and detours of life.

A HEALER who cares for our bumps and bruises and bandages our wounds. 

A FRIEND who is "for us" and will never betray or leave us. 

A KING who invites each of us, regardless of gender, race, or socio-economic status, to joining bring about His Kingdom.